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Meet the Connections Crew

We are committed to providing families with the support they may need to accomplish daily tasks. You will find our team to be loving and compassionate. A talented group of people wanting to help those with disabilities.

DSP Connections - Trina Hart

Executive Director

My passion for helping others be a part of an alliance where they feel they belong is something I am very dedicated to.

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DSP Connections - Britt Nix

Assistant Director

Each day my mind is blown away that I get to be a part of the catalyst of growth and change for so many beautiful individuals.

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DSP Connections - David Neely

HR Director

Constructive collaboration between DSP Connections and your family will always be my goal.

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DSP Connections - about - Alisha Kamrau

Specialized Program Director

I value the relationships I develop with each person and enjoy being able to assist people in achieving their goals.

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DSP Connections - about - Becki Johnson

Connection Specialist

I have a huge passion for helping people and working with the people in my community.

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DSP Connections - Caitlin Marshall

Intake Specialist

I want to be a part of helping not only their lives be more fulfilling, but also the family’s lives feel more manageable.

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DSP Connections - about - Linda Neely

Education and Behavior Professional

I am a licensed special education teacher and have been providing special education supports for over 35 years.

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DSP Connections - Adam Cardoza

Relations Director

My favorite part of my career is that every day I am a part of something that is all about supporting and loving individuals.

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DSP Connections - about - Jennifer Lopez

Bilingual Office Administrator

It makes my heart happy to go to work while also learning something new every day.

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We are a team working together to assist those that forever need our support due to intellectual and developmental disabilities.