life skills
Life Skills

DSP Connections (DSPC) desire is to see our clients learn necessary life skills that will be the foundation for their development and independence.


We know that keeping up with the household can be cumbersome. That is why we look for DSPs who can help our clients learn to be productive around the house with activities like laundry, dishes, and other housekeeping duties.

services - physical activity
Physical Activity

Apart from activities in the home, sometimes we need time to get out into nature for a walk in the park to enjoy a sunset, or maybe even go on a 5-mile trek around Silver Falls State Park to see waterfalls. Either way, we aim to make sure you get to experience the best part of the great northwest: the outdoors.

services - on call dsps
On call DSPs

We know that things come up, so we have DSP’s who are ready when you need them most.

personal care
Personal Care

We believe that each client always deserves the opportunity to put their best foot forward. We encourage all our Direct Support Professionals (DSP’s) to not only teach personal care skills, but to also demonstrate them themselves.

schedule appointments

Life is busy. Sometimes you just need a little help getting things organized. We love that our DSP’s can help oversee external care of your loved ones with your approval.

services - buddy program
Buddy Program

Everyone at the DSP Connections office is here with one overall goal in mind: to see our clients succeed! Unfortunately, it can be hard for office staff to see that success with our clients. To remedy the situation, we started our in-office buddy program to pair our office staff with clients for social engagement and enrichment.

promote independence
Promote Independence

Most everything we do is to foster independence so that our clients can have a sense of self-achievement and ultimately self-confidence. Independence looks different for everyone, but we like the way it looks on everyone.

Community Outings
Community Outings

Staying in line with our visions of belonging, community inclusion is necessary in the realization to our standard of belonging. Ensuring that our DSP’s are engaging our clients in quality community outings is top priority for us.


Whether your loved one needs a ride to a Dr’s appointment or just enjoys cruising, our DSP’s get our clients where they need to be.

services - healthcare

Apart from skill developing, we also want to make sure that yours or your loved one’s health is a priority. If you need help with necessities like lifting, transferring, or even just medication reminders, we can find the right DSP for you.

meal preparation
Meal Preparation

Our bodies need quality food. Quality food requires thought and preparation. Our DSP’s will not only help with meal preparation but will also help with learning meal preparation.


Croquet, anyone? Part of the spice of life is all the things we get to do that are not obvious skill building. From arts and crafts to outdoor games, we encourage our DSP’s to show our clients how to have a good time while skill building.

services - specialize in complex cases
Complex Cases

Our team has consistently risen to the occasion regarding the needs of our clients and provide care for some of the most complex cases in the nation. We do this because we don’t believe in the bare minimum for anyone. We want to see the best you that there can possibly be. You don’t just have your DSP supporting you, our whole office is too.