Hello! In 2016 I was introduced to the I/DD world when my daughter suffered a brain injury during birth. Our lives were flipped upside down. Suddenly, I had a whole new perspective on life. All my life I knew I wanted to do work that mattered, and to be in a position where I could support people in their time of need in some capacity. Learning to advocate for my daughter through her birth trauma and experiencing such a life-altering change in our home only solidified my desire to help others. Initially, I hesitated to apply here at DSP Connections because it was a radical change in my career path, but my wife saw the job posting and encouraged me to apply. A few weeks later, I sent in my application for the position of FSR, and here I am! I truly believe this was the best decision for me and my family and the timing was perfect! I am honored to have the opportunity to serve my community and the families that reside in it. I am so thankful to be a part of this team!