I like telling Dad jokes… sometimes he laughs! “Bud-da-bum”. As you can see, I’m the funny guy here at the office, they call me Devin. I am a father to 5 crazy rat-children and a husband to my beautiful wife, all living in a chaotic, but loving home!

After graduating from Western Oregon University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Education, I began my journey by helping those who need it most, individuals who experience I/DD or a mental illness. I was previously a DSP for multiple group homes, Job coach & Employment Specialist, and a Service Coordinator for Marion County. All my experience working with the I/DD community has led me to my position as a Meet and Greet Specialist here at DSP Connections.

I will always firmly believe that a person who is compassionate, personable, and empathetic is what is needed to support individuals who experience any form of I/DD or mental illness. Being around people and making them laugh and feel comfortable is what I love most, this is why I do what I do at DSP Connections!

One last thing! I could tell a joke about pizza, but it’s a little cheesy…