Being a board member of the Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada has been such an eye-opening experience these last few months. I haven’t been a board member for long, but it’s really helped open my eyes even more than they already were.

My role as a board member of DSOSN includes overseeing the welcoming of new members and coordinating all activities for our little ones aged 0-5. This involves attending our current activities, like the weekly music class (Kay’s favorite), and suggesting any new ideas I or anyone else may think of.

I decided to become a board member because ever since I had Kay, I have always been looking for a way to try and make a difference. To change the way the world views Down Syndrome and all abilities.

The DSOSN accepts everyone and is not just an organization for those with Down Syndrome, although it is in our name. We welcome anyone looking for a kind and welcoming community of families who offer support. I’ve already had some great opportunities, such as meeting some of the county commissioners!
I’m excited to see what my future within this organization brings.

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