Saturday was supposed to be Kay’s debut T-Ball game, an event eagerly anticipated by both of us. However, Mother Nature had different plans, leading the league to call off the game due to inclement weather. While disappointed by the cancellation, I agreed that it was better for the kids not to endure unpleasant conditions on the field.


With the game off the table, Kay and I opted for a lunch date instead, followed by a leisurely afternoon at home. We indulged in some much-needed rest, catching up on TV shows and even sneaking in a nap. To cap off the day, we enjoyed a delicious dinner featuring fried pork chops and, of course, Kay’s favorite mashed potatoes – she has quite the affection for all things potato-related!


The previous week, we had been looking forward to a festive BBQ and welcome party hosted by the league to kick off the season. This would have been a great opportunity for Kay to meet her coaches and new teammates. Unfortunately, bad weather foiled our plans once again, forcing the cancellation of the event.


Nevertheless, Kay’s T-Ball season stretches until May, providing ample opportunities for her to immerse herself in the sport. We’re already looking forward to next Saturday, hoping that the weather will cooperate so that Kay can finally take to the field for her inaugural T-Ball game!

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