On Thursday, March 21st, we celebrated World Down Syndrome Day! Each year, I find myself deeply thankful for the opportunity to honor this remarkable day because of Kay. It’s a time when we rally our loved ones to sport silly or mismatched socks, symbolizing chromosomes, in celebration.


The significance of socks in representing chromosomes makes this day extra special. We invite everyone to join us in embracing the spirit of the occasion by wearing quirky socks or dressing in the vibrant colors of blue and yellow, emblematic of Down Syndrome.


For me, World Down Syndrome Day is a joyous occasion that I wholeheartedly embrace. Kay and I went all out, coordinating our outfits perfectly, right down to our shoes! Ironically, it also happened to be picture day at Kay’s school, adding an extra layer of excitement to our celebrations. Kay looked adorable in her ensemble: long yellow socks with white stripes, complemented by blue leggings, a shimmering yellow tutu, and her “be kind” shirt. Braided pigtails with yellow bows completed her look!


It warms my heart to witness friends, family, and the wider community joining in, whether by dressing up or simply donning their quirkiest socks, as we come together to celebrate diversity. After all, in our differences, we find our common humanity.

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