Kay’s weekly therapy sessions have transitioned from Friday afternoons to Tuesday afternoons, a change I believe will greatly benefit us. By tackling therapy early in the week and maintaining the same schedule, it feels like a seamless transition.


Witnessing Kay’s growing independence has been a remarkable experience. As she confidently walks hand in hand with one of her three therapists, she manages her sessions entirely on her own while I patiently wait in the reception area. It’s a testament to her maturity and autonomy as she embraces these moments solo. While I used to accompany her, I’ve come to understand that she thrives best without my presence, free from any distractions.


The gratitude I hold for Kay’s therapists knows no bounds. Our chosen facility has been a cornerstone in Kay’s journey since she was a baby, and the therapists have evolved into an extended family. Their dedication extends beyond the clinic walls; some have even joined us for walks supporting Kay and her peers, showcasing a level of care that goes above and beyond. They understand Kay’s nuances, her moods, and even her playful stubbornness, effortlessly guiding her through sessions by making it feel like her own idea.


Being part of such a supportive community, all thanks to Kay, fills me with constant appreciation.

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