On the afternoon of Monday, June 9th, Kay was finally discharged from the hospital! We were both more than ready to be home and back in our own beds. While I felt nervous, I was confident I could meet Kay’s needs, and I reassured the hospital staff that I would bring her back if anything felt beyond my current skillset, though we hoped to avoid that.


We arrived home just in time to figure out dinner. I will probably say this often, but managing food is a big struggle for us. Trying to offer Kay new, lower-carb options and ensuring she eats enough is a constant challenge.


The first night home was tough. This was the first time since Kay’s diabetes diagnosis that I hadn’t slept near her. We had to wait until 9:00 pm to put her to bed because I needed to give her long-lasting overnight insulin. Since Kay’s usual bedtime is between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm, the later time was hard on her. Once she was finally asleep, I went to bed but set an alarm for 3:00 am to check her glucose level. Although the hospital staff said I didn’t need to continue these checks, doing so gave me peace of mind.


Even if I had followed the hospital staff’s advice to sleep through the night without checking on Kay, I knew I wouldn’t get much sleep either way. So, I might as well make sure she’s okay.

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