On Friday, Kay returned to her weekly therapy session, and there was a noticeable improvement in her overall well-being. Encouraged by this positive shift, I decided it was worth giving the sessions a try and seeing how things unfolded.


Recognizing that the therapy might not be as productive given Kay’s recent recovery from a week-long illness, we approached the day with optimism and a determination to make the most of it.


As we waited for Kay’s first therapy session to begin, she sat snugly in my lap, displaying an unusual lack of interest in the playroom’s activities. Typically, she would eagerly engage with the available play equipment, particularly the slide. However, on this occasion, she seemed disinterested, raising concerns about whether therapy was the right choice for the day.


During her speech therapy, Kay initially showed discomfort but eventually became more engaged after her therapist and I demonstrated the enjoyment of playing with Playdough. This breakthrough marked a positive turn in the session.


Moving on to occupational therapy, Kay participated in sensory play, focusing on scooping dried beans into a measuring cup and pouring them into another bowl. This activity captured her attention, contrasting with her general lack of interest in other tasks during occupational therapy.


The final session of the day was physical therapy, where Kay’s enthusiasm seemed to wane. Despite attempts to involve her in various tasks, she resisted and appeared ready to return home. The 30 minutes of physical therapy turned into a more relaxed time on the floor, singing songs that Kay requested and encouraging her to move around a bit.


Some days, it seems, are like this – a reminder that we all experience moments when we’re not in the mood for much. And that’s perfectly okay. We’ll regroup, try again, and hope for a more vibrant session next week.

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