One valuable lesson I’ve grasped is that there’s often a purpose behind every occurrence, even when it’s something you’d rather avoid.


In a twist of fate, just within a week of showcasing my new car in the previous blog, an unexpected incident unfolded. While Kay and I hurried into a store, it appears that someone accidentally backed into my freshly acquired vehicle. The devastation I felt goes beyond words. We all put in hard work to acquire our possessions, and it never ceases to amaze me how someone can damage another’s vehicle and slip away without leaving a note or attempting to locate the owner. I understand the embarrassment and mortification one might feel, but choosing to evade responsibility is perplexing.


Enduring such situations is undoubtedly challenging. Even though cars are merely material possessions and can be repaired, the emotional pain persists.


Opting to revisit the same body shop that recently restored my Scion, I was greeted by the same gentleman who had assisted me before. His surprise at seeing me again was evident, and he inquired about the reason for my return. Relaying the unfortunate incident, he expressed appreciation for the repeat business but wished it hadn’t happened so soon.


I praised the exceptional job they did on my Scion and explained that I wanted to consult them first regarding the damage to my new Kia.


Dealing with incidents like this makes it difficult to step out willingly, whether it’s for errands, shopping, or leisure. The constant worry lingers – what’s next? Will another mishap occur?


As I navigate through this challenging experience, I’m optimistic that this marks the end of my run of bad luck for the year, even though it’s only just begun.

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