Kay recently had her routine 6th-month checkup with her audiologist. Living with severe hearing loss in her right ear since birth, Kay relies on a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA), a headband equipped with a bone conduction hearing device that significantly improves her ability to hear.


These checkups are crucial to ensure the proper functioning of Kay’s BAHA. The audiologist performs updates to the device as necessary, guaranteeing its continued effectiveness. Typically, the next step involves attempting a hearing test while Kay wears her BAHA. However, due to Kay’s aversion to objects in her ears, the alternative is an open room hearing test. Though not as precise, it provides a decent gauge of her hearing based on her reactions to sounds from different directions.


During the recent visit, Kay’s audiologist, impressed by her language skills and pronunciation attempts, opted not to conduct a hearing test. Instead, they focused on reviewing words with Kay to assess her pronunciation, offering valuable insights into the effectiveness of the BAHA and its benefits for Kay.


Kay seemed pleased to avoid the usual hearing test this time, making the appointment quick and straightforward. The next checkup is scheduled in six months for the regular follow-up.

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