Kay’s third birthday on December 30th was a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of time, especially considering how swiftly it has passed since Kay entered our lives. Ever since her spirited entrance into this world, Kay has consistently showcased resilience and strength, leaving me perpetually amazed.


Our morning began with a trip to the pediatrician for Kay’s 3-year-old checkup—a task she approached with reluctance, despite the absence of any shots. To brighten her spirits post-appointment, we ventured to Firehouse Subs for lunch. There, as Kay indulged in her grilled cheese and chips, she captivated everyone around her with her cheerful greetings and infectious energy.


Our culinary journey continued as we made our way to Party City, our mission clear: to secure a balloon shaped like the number ‘3.’ Once victorious in our quest, we returned home, where I seized the opportunity to capture several heartwarming snapshots of Kay proudly posing with her prized balloon, a testament to her joyous day.


Having previously celebrated Kay’s special day with friends, we concluded with a family dinner at Texas Roadhouse, one of her preferred dining spots. The evening’s pinnacle? Witnessing Kay revel in the attention as the staff taking a moment to celebrate Kay, followed by shouting “Yee-Haw,” culminating in a triumphant ride on the celebratory saddle.


Upon our return home, we rounded off the festivities with cupcakes. Kays crowned with a candle in the shape of the number three. Cherishing yet another moment in Kay’s ever-evolving narrative.


I cannot emphasize enough how enriching it is to experience life from Kay’s perspective. Her innate sociability and outgoing nature are infectious, as she gleefully greets everyone she encounters, seeing not just faces but potential friends. Kay’s boundless love knows no bounds, welcoming everyone into her world with open arms and a heart free from judgment.

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