Kay’s Christmas was brimming with delightful activities! On the Friday preceding Christmas Eve, Kay and I briefly joined my dad at his union’s Christmas party. Kay was excited that she had another chance to see Santa. After sharing her Christmas wishes with him, she chose a toy to bring home. Her selection? A cuddly Bluey pillow that she’s adored, falling asleep on it every night since.


Come Saturday, Christmas Eve, my boyfriend Spencer and his son Ethan joined us for a delightful lunch, followed by a fulfilling dinner.


Our family tradition is that we exchange gifts from each other on Christmas Eve, saving Santa’s gifts for Christmas Day. Post-dinner unwrapping ensures we enjoy our presents without the hustle of the following day’s festivities!


Christmas morning greeted us with Santa’s gifts beneath the tree. Kay, bubbling with excitement, eagerly explored her new treasures. After a serene morning of toy exploration, we joined Spencer and his family for a festive lunch and additional gift exchanges. The day concluded with a cozy dinner at my parents’ place, where Kay happily indulged in my mom’s creamy mashed potatoes—undoubtedly one of her favorites. Our evening unwound with some television time, finishing the night by the warmth of our electric firepit outdoors.


I hope everyone had a splendid Christmas, cherishing moments with their loved ones.

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