On November 14th, Kay had her meeting with Child Find, an organization dedicated to supporting children aged 3-5 with disabilities. Their mission is to assess these youngsters and ensure they are placed in an optimal environment for success in school.

Kay and I are collaborating with Child Find to set everything up for Preschool! The realization that Kay will be turning 3 years old on December 30th is hitting me, and time has flown by.

During Kay’s meeting, a team comprising a nurse, a psychiatrist, a speech pathologist, and an audiologist evaluated her.

Kay has severe hearing loss in her right ear, a condition she was born with. Ideally, Kay should wear her BAHA (I use “supposed to” because it’s still a task we work on every day). Her BAHA, a bone-anchored hearing aid, sits behind her right ear. This device aids sound transmission from her good ear on the left side to her right ear, enhancing her ability to hear. It’s like wearing a headband or sweatband (something you might wear during a workout). Haha.

The meeting with the experts proved to be incredibly helpful. I received a wealth of information that will guide me through Kay’s journey into preschool. A follow-up call scheduled for early December will review Kay’s results and offer advice on the best path for her success in starting school. (I might have something in my eye. Haha.)

Both the speech pathologist and psychiatrist were impressed with Kay and her listening skills, though I did mention she has a touch of selective hearing at times. (Don’t we all?)

Kay remained in good spirits throughout the meeting, even as it approached lunchtime and nap time. She made a point to make a few friends along the way, as she always does!

Now, I’m eagerly awaiting the phone call to discover the next steps in Kay’s journey. I will be sure to update once Kay and I learn what our next steps will be!

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