If there’s anything that Kay loves, it’s playing with her friends! Kay adores kids in general and thoroughly enjoys playdates and activities that involve seeing her friends!

Recently, Kay went to Wally Wombats, which is a super cool indoor playground for younger kids where they can safely run around and play with friends and other kids who are also there! They have a few ball pits, motorized swings, and a giant indoor playground, including a big slide, which is Kay’s favorite!

Kay spent several hours running around with her friends and making new ones in the process. It’s truly awesome to see Kay’s progression as she gets older. This time last year, Kay couldn’t climb on playgrounds by herself or even go down slides alone. Now she can climb almost anything and willingly (almost, haha) goes down any slide she comes across! Sometimes the slide may seem a bit scary, but with a little encouragement, Kay makes her way down!

Wally Wombats is such a great place that gives the kids free rein to play and run around while the parents get to relax (a little, lol) and watch our kids have fun! Although sometimes Kay calls for me, wanting me to go down a slide with her or seeking my encouragement to climb over an obstacle she may be stuck on, or a slide she’s a little scared to go down.

Kay is truly such a lover. If you’ve never had a Kay hug, you need one! They’re the best!

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