We spent Memorial Day swimming and basking in the sun with my parents. It was the perfect, relaxing day, and I’m grateful for moments like these while remembering the sacrifices made for us to have this day and its significance.


Kay loves the pool and swimming, though I’ve had trouble finding a floatie or life jacket that works well for her. I want us all to enjoy the water and help Kay improve her swimming, but the gear she’s used so far tends to tilt her forward or backward, making it hard for her to stay afloat. Fortunately, we just got a new suit for Kay with a built-in floatation tool, recommended by a friend who said it worked wonders for her daughter after just one use. I’m excited to try it out next time we swim and see how well it works for Kay!


After a fun morning of swimming and lunch, Kay and I took an afternoon nap—because fun in the sun can really tire you out! When we woke up, we played some more, avoiding the sun for the rest of the day, and enjoyed a delicious dinner. No BBQs or parties for us, but honestly, I prefer these relaxing days over parties most of the time.

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