As Kay’s first school year comes to an end, I find myself reflecting on the journey. When I took Kay to her first day of Pre-K back in January, I was worried. I feared that the other kids might not treat her as one of their own because Kay is a bit different. She doesn’t talk as well, couldn’t climb on everything they could on the playground, and may not understand as much as they do yet. But these past few months have shown me I had nothing to worry about. The support from the school and Kay’s teachers has been amazing! Kay has flourished in more ways than one, doing things at school that I’ve never seen her do at home or in therapy. She’s made friends, and in turn, so have I. I feel incredibly fortunate that Kay’s teacher has been such a huge support system for her and for us.


Recently, the teachers organized a program for one last family engagement activity before the school year ended. I loved watching all the kids perform the song they learned about colors. After the program, everyone enjoyed visiting and having popsicles!


Although Kay missed the last day of school due to being under the weather, we still stopped by as the morning Pre-K class let out to say goodbye to everyone for the summer and to give her two teachers a well-deserved gift. A teacher’s job is selfless, and what they do and how they care for these kids is amazing! Plus, I can admit Kay can be a handful at times, so I wanted to show my appreciation.


Kay is signed up for the extended school year, which starts in June. I am grateful for this opportunity for Kay to continue learning and flourishing.

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  1. Kay has made great inmprovements!
    She has become so social and just went into school by herself.
    Colors her ABCs and flash cards. I enjoy all the videos.

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