This Mother’s Day brought a unique twist for my mom and me as we found ourselves spending most of it with Kay, navigating airports and airplanes from Oregon back to Las Vegas!


For this trip, I decided to tap into available resources to ensure a smoother journey. A friend mentioned TSA Cares, a program providing assistance through security for those who need it, making the process stress-free. With a simple phone call, providing our flight details, they arranged everything at both airports, transforming what could have been a stressful airport experience into a breeze!


After breezing through security, we found ourselves with some extra time at the gate before our flight. We entertained Kay as best we could until it was time to board.


Thankfully, once on board, Kay was in high spirits. She briefly enjoyed a movie on her iPad before dozing off for the rest of the flight. It was a relief to have a much smoother journey home for all of us.


Upon landing, Kay’s papa (my dad) awaited us. We collected our luggage, hopped into the car, and headed to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate Mother’s Day over dinner. While not our typical celebration, it was still a fulfilling day packed with adventure and family time.

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