Sunday rolled around again, marking another eagerly anticipated LMNOP class for Kay and me! Our visits to GiGi’s Playhouse are always a highlight, with a plethora of activities to explore, and the promise of even more as new programs are introduced.


This session, our focus was on celebrating moms ahead of Mother’s Day, delving into signs and songs dedicated to them. The little ones also engaged in a heartfelt Mother’s Day craft, crafting personalized gifts for the special moms in their lives. It’s a cherished time for Kay and me, filled with learning, laughter, and the warmth of friendship.


The existence of such purposeful programs tailored for Kay and our community’s families is truly remarkable. Each week, familiar faces return, alongside new ones eager to experience the joys of our class. Last week’s turnout was particularly impressive; the thought of needing extra chairs was a testament to the growing interest and participation.


LMNOP proves to be an invaluable resource, imparting essential skills that Kay can incorporate into her daily routine. From learning to sit attentively during storytime to embracing new songs alongside her peers, every lesson holds potential growth. Given Kay’s current aversion to sitting still, any opportunity to reinforce its importance is warmly welcomed – it’s a journey we navigate together, with plenty of laughs along the way!

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