Kay’s recent visit to her ENT for her routine 6-month check in was reassuring. Given the smaller ear canals often associated with Down Syndrome, individuals like Kay are more prone to ear infections, along with enlarged tonsils and adenoids. At just a year old, Kay underwent surgery to address her enlarged tonsils and adenoids, which were causing snoring and sleep apnea. These regular check-ups every six months ensure that everything remains in good condition and that Kay isn’t encountering any issues.


Thankfully, since the surgery, Kay has experienced minimal trouble, with only one ear infection thus far, sparing her from needing ear tubes. The check-up itself was brief – a quick examination of Kay’s ears revealed no concerns, and after confirming I had no questions or worries, we were on our way.


Following the appointment, Kay engaged in her weekly therapy sessions, during which I opted to let her attend independently while I waited. According to her therapists, Kay performed admirably, maintaining a positive attitude, and embracing the tasks at hand.


Our days vary; some are pleasantly quiet, while others are packed with multiple appointments. Regardless, we strive to make the most of each day, finding enjoyment in whatever activities come our way.

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  1. Surgery wasn’t easy on Kay or family. It was tough on everyone but she made through two surgeries at one time. Alot sleepiness nights.
    With her recent encounter of ice cream I think she would of loved ice cream back then.
    She just keeps on strifing on!

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