Sunday marked the 3rd annual GiGi’s Playhouse GiGi Fit Acceptance Challenge, a vibrant event featuring a 5k Fun Run, a 1-mile inspirational walk, and a Kids Dash for Down Syndrome.


Each year, I eagerly anticipate this wonderful occasion. It’s a chance to wear playful attire like tutus and whimsical socks, along with shirts bearing uplifting messages to raise awareness. The gathering brings together not only our cherished friends but also some of Kay’s teachers from her school, all united in celebrating and advocating for acceptance. The size and warmth of our community never fail to amaze me – it’s heartening to witness so many individuals who deeply care about our children and are committed to spreading love and acceptance for all. Amidst the festivities, I enjoyed capturing precious moments through photos and videos to share with loved ones, preserving the memories of this remarkable time of year.


This year’s event held even greater significance for us. It marked the first GiGi Fit event since the opening of our very own GiGi’s Playhouse, a culmination of years of fundraising efforts to establish a permanent home for the invaluable services it provides. While our building is now open to the public, it remains crucial to continue spreading awareness about GiGi’s Playhouse and its offerings. Given that all services are provided free of charge, the funds raised are vital for sustaining our GiGi’s Playhouse and ensuring its doors remain open. My hope is for this to be a lifelong sanctuary for Kay – a place where she can continue to learn, laugh, and enjoy the company of friends, even as she grows into adulthood.

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