Last Friday, Kay’s school organized a family engagement event for the Pre-K students. Since Kay doesn’t usually have classes on Fridays, these special activities are a treat for her from time to time. The focus of last week’s gathering was a hands-on pizza-making session!


Pizza happens to be Kay’s absolute favorite food, and she could easily indulge in it every day if given the chance. Naturally, she was thrilled about the prospect of creating her own mini pizza from scratch. After carefully assembling her pizza with mini pepperonis as toppings, it was popped into the oven to bake. While waiting for it to cook, Kay kept busy decorating her own paper hat and unleashing her creativity on a giant sheet of construction paper, all while enjoying the company of her friends.


When the pizzas emerged hot and ready, Kay savored every delicious bite. Her mini creation looked so appetizing that I couldn’t resist ordering pizza for lunch – an offer Kay happily accepted. More pizza? Count Kay in!


I’m immensely grateful for Kay’s wonderful school, which consistently organizes such engaging activities and has wholeheartedly accepted Kay for who she is from day one.

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