Excitement fills the air as Kay prepares to embark on her T-Ball journey with The Angels. From the thrill of picking up her jersey and hat to envisioning her walk-out song, every moment is a testament to her eagerness to hit the field.


Kay and I recently had the joy of picking up her team’s jersey and hat. The sheer delight radiating from her in the accompanying picture leaves no doubt about her excitement. However, a minor adjustment to her shirt may be necessary to ensure she doesn’t trip over it during the game!


Kay’s T-Ball journey is made possible through Miracle League, a commendable non-profit organization offering inclusive baseball opportunities. Learning about the positive experiences of Kay’s friends who’ve participated in multiple seasons only heightened our anticipation. Finally, the opportunity to enroll Kay this season, now that she meets the minimum age requirement of three, fills us with joy.


Our anticipation for the upcoming T-Ball season reached its peak as we planned to attend a welcome BBQ over the weekend to celebrate before our first game. Unfortunately, inclement weather forced the organization to postpone the event. Nevertheless, our excitement remains unphased as we eagerly look forward to the very first game.


During Kay’s registration, I had the delightful task of selecting her walk-out song for when she steps up to bat. After much consideration, we settled on “Footloose,” one of Kay’s all-time favorite tunes. Imagining her picture gracing the big screen alongside her chosen song fills me with immense excitement.


As Kay’s T-Ball adventure with The Angels and Miracle League unfolds, I am eager to share every moment with everyone. I am confident that this journey will be an incredibly enjoyable experience for both Kay and me. Here’s to a season filled with fun, growth, and unforgettable memories!

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