On Saturday, March 9th, a momentous occasion unfolded as Las Vegas GiGi’s Playhouse opened its doors! This achievement was made possible by our incredible community, whose unwavering support has been instrumental since the project’s inception in 2019, long before Kay came into the world. Spearheaded by a group of determined mothers, undeterred even by the challenges of the Covid era, this dream of having a dedicated space for our Down Syndrome community has finally become a reality.


Approaching GiGi’s Playhouse for the first time filled me with anticipation akin to a child entering a candy store. The sight of familiar faces adorning the front door only added to the excitement, reminding me of the inclusive environment we were about to step into.


The grand opening was a joyous affair, attended by individuals who share a deep love and commitment to the community and GiGi’s overarching mission. Witnessing the enthusiasm of our fellow community members mirrored my own, creating an atmosphere of genuine celebration and unity.


As speeches were delivered, including heartfelt words from Nancy Gianni (the mom who started it all!) and her daughter GiGi, the ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the culmination of this momentous event. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to participate in classes alongside Kay and our friends at our very own GiGi’s Playhouse, a place where belonging and opportunity converge.

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