This Sunday, Kay and I had a blast attending the 6th birthday party of one of her friends at Chuck E. Cheese! It had been ages since my last visit, and things were a bit different, but Kay and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Kay dove into games, even taking a shot at a driving game, though her attention seemed to wander from the road – perhaps not the best match for her at the moment!


Skee-Ball turned out to be Kay’s absolute favorite game. Amidst laughter and giggles, we teamed up to roll the balls up the hill, aiming for as many points as possible. The photo booth provided a canvas for some hilarious snapshots, and we relished the precious moments spent with our friends.


In the midst of celebrating our friend’s birthday, devouring pizza (Kay’s all-time favorite), and engaging in Happy Birthday sing-alongs, we reveled in the joy of multiple birthdays being celebrated that day. Kay, a huge fan of the birthday song, even got to meet the one and only ChuckE. Cheese!


The afternoon was an absolute delight, filled with fun and camaraderie. Connecting with friends and fellow moms in our Down Syndrome community is always a special experience. Being Kay’s mom has opened doors to incredible friendships and lifelong connections for both of us. I consider myself truly fortunate!

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  1. Kay truely took it with enthusiasm the games. Smiles and laughter filled with memories. Watching the videos gives the opportunity to see the interrecations with her friends and parents It was a down right day perfect day. I look forward to Jessica’s blogs and watching Kay’s gusto

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