Kay stayed in the hospital from Thursday, June 6th, until Monday, June 10th, when we were finally released late in the afternoon. It was a rough few days, and neither Kay nor I got much sleep due to the nurses and doctors frequently checking on her.


During our stay, Kay and I had two roommates, though mainly just one for most of the time. It’s challenging to keep any toddler entertained in a hospital with limited options, especially trying to keep her semi-quiet to avoid disturbing others in the room.


Most of our time in the hospital was spent learning how to manage Kay’s diabetes. I learned how to give her shots and calculate her insulin based on her glucose levels before meals and the amount of carbs she eats. This entire experience is a huge learning curve for my family and me. We are doing our best to learn everything we can to ensure Kay’s health.


Let me tell you, having a diabetic toddler is not easy, especially since her diet consists mostly of carbs. I am constantly trying to balance getting her to eat fewer carbs or more, depending on her appetite, which can be quite light at times.


I know it will get easier for us as time goes on.

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