On July 2nd, we celebrated my birthday! My dad surprised me with coffee from Dutch Bros, and I was thrilled because they had brought back my favorite seasonal drink – the cookie dough freeze! Kay also helped my mom bring me my birthday card and gift. Kay loves having a task and takes pleasure in bringing things to people, so she was excited to deliver my gift.


Other than that, I treated the day like any other. Since it was a Tuesday, Kay had her weekly therapy session. I still let Kay attend her therapies alone because I feel like I am more of a distraction when I go with her. She usually does much better on her own. After her therapy was over, we headed back home. For dinner, we had salmon and French fries—my request. For dessert, we enjoyed a cherry cheesecake with candles. Kay happily sang “Happy Birthday” and helped me blow out the candles.


After dessert, we all relaxed and watched a movie before bed. Lately, I’ve been more tired than usual, and I feel Kay has been too. This journey with Kay and diabetes is a whirlwind. While awaiting advice from Kay’s endocrinologist, I had to wake up almost every night between 1:00 am and 4:00 am to offer her sugar as her glucose levels would drop low. Thankfully, I was able to speak with her doctor before the long weekend, and she gave me some advice that I am now trying out. So far, so good! Here’s to hoping things continue to go smoothly!

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