Life with Kay is a rollercoaster of events. There are days filled with appointments and exciting moments, while other times it’s pleasantly uneventful.


This month, however, has been far from uneventful. It kicked off with Kay starting preschool, exposing her to a whole new world of germs. Little did we know that this month would be marked by a series of challenges, including a car accident, Kay’s annual blood work and eye exam, and an unwelcome visit from the stomach flu.


Navigating through these obstacles has been tough. The stomach flu hit Kay hard, causing her to miss three days of school. Thankfully, the absence would have been longer, but with Fridays off and a staff development day on Monday, she got some extra time to recover.


Despite her resilience, Kay’s stomach is still on the mend. While she manages to keep every other meal down, the in-between moments are a struggle. Keeping her home this week and ensuring she gets proper rest over the weekend gives us hope that she’ll be back to her vibrant self come Monday.


Can we hit the reset button on January, please? Here’s to hoping for a smoother path ahead!

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