January has been quite a whirlwind, marked by unexpected events that have kept us on our toes. It feels like we’re getting all the challenges out of the way early in the month, and I’m optimistic that the rest of the year will bring brighter moments.


Unfortunately, our household wasn’t spared from the chaos. Kay fell victim to the viral stomach flu, and, unintentionally, she passed it on to her grandma and grandpa. Oops! Miraculously, I’ve managed to dodge most of the symptoms so far. The thought of all of us being under the weather was daunting—I couldn’t imagine how we’d take care of each other.


As the days passed, I grew increasingly concerned about Kay’s condition. From Thursday night to Sunday, she remained lethargic, an unusual state for someone as energetic as her. Kay, taking it easy on the couch? That’s not her usual style!


Worried about her well-being, I decided to take her to the pediatrician on Sunday morning. Thank goodness for a pediatrician’s office open on weekends! The doctor confirmed it was a viral stomach virus but assured us that Kay would bounce back soon. True to the prediction, Sunday afternoon saw a positive change. She started perking up, eating more, and staying hydrated—my biggest worry.


Now, we’re crossing our fingers that Kay, along with the rest of us, will soon be back to our normal, lively selves!

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