Navigating Kay’s annual blood work has always been a challenging ordeal. It’s a heart-wrenching experience to witness your child in distress, especially when the objective is essential for her well-being. My search to find proficient lab technicians who can perform the procedure efficiently and with minimal discomfort for Kay has been ongoing. The last thing any parent wants is to see their child scream and cry due to unsuccessful attempts.


On this occasion, we faced a familiar predicament. Despite previous disappointments at other locations, I had hoped for a smoother process this time. However, it required the coordinated effort of two technicians: one to hold Kay’s arm steady and another to execute the blood draw. My role? To tightly embrace Kay, attempting to provide some comfort amidst her palpable anxiety.


Unfortunately, the initial attempt fell short; Kay’s moving vein hindered their efforts. But hope wasn’t lost. The technician, acknowledging the challenge, called upon another colleague renowned for her expertise. Miraculously, the second attempt was successful, bringing an end to our ordeal.


The significance of these annual blood draws cannot be overlooked. Because Kay has Down Syndrome, regular monitoring is crucial to preempt potential health complications, including thyroid irregularities and other associated concerns.


Looking ahead, my hope is to improve Kay’s understanding and cooperation as she matures. Perhaps one day, I can explain the importance of these procedures in a manner she comprehends. In the meantime, I resort to incentives, like promising her favorite cake pop from Starbucks post-appointment. It’s a small gesture, but anything to alleviate her apprehensions and reaffirm that these appointments are rooted in care, not cruelty.

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