Navigating Kay’s yearly eye exam, especially with her having Down Syndrome, has always been a significant part of our routine since she was merely a year old. This commitment stems from the increased health risks she faces, including potential eyesight issues.


As Kay matures, these appointments’ present new challenges. It’s a tough balance—trying to explain to a growing child the importance of these procedures while ensuring she feels safe and understood. Naturally, her favorite iPad becomes our trusty ally during these moments, yet sometimes even the iPad doesn’t help.


When we arrived, the assistant guided Kay through some initial tests, like focusing on a board with checkered boxes and tracking a shiny light. Kay’s cooperation was great! However, the real challenge came along when it was time for the eye drops. This procedure, essential yet unpleasant, had me holding Kay tight while she voiced her discomfort. The 20-minute wait in the crowded waiting room, as we allowed her eyes to dilate, was emotionally taxing for both of us.


Fortunately, when we finally met the eye doctor, the news was reassuring. Despite the few moments of restraint to enable a thorough examination, Kay’s eyes showed no concerning signs. A sigh of relief.


Watching Kay grow and develop her own perspectives, I realize that these appointments might become increasingly demanding. Yet, amidst the challenges, my hope remains—that as Kay matures, she’ll recognize the intention behind these efforts: to ensure her well-being and provide the best care possible.

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