Saturday night brought a delightful surprise for Kay and me as we attended a friend’s birthday party together. Typically, Kay’s bedtime is around 7:00 pm, but the party conveniently started at the same time, giving us the chance to join in on the festivities. Kay, dressed in her pajamas, was all set for a night of fun.


The highlight of the evening was discovering that my friend had a karaoke machine at her house. Kay eagerly grabbed the microphone, showcasing her singing skills and ensuring that we all joined in the musical celebration.


While the rest of us tried our luck at the game of Taboo, Kay immersed herself in coloring and creating her own masterpieces with crayons. Despite my less-than-stellar performance in the game (I lost – but with good humor), the atmosphere was filled with laughter and camaraderie.


The party featured delicious snacks and a uniquely crafted cake made by another friend in attendance. Of course, we couldn’t miss singing Happy Birthday to the celebrant. Interestingly, Happy Birthday seems to have become Kay’s favorite song, as she insisted on singing it three times in a row, delighting everyone with her enthusiasm.


After enjoying the company of friends for a few hours, we bid everyone goodnight and headed home. Both Kay and I promptly hit the hay, grateful for the wonderful evening.


I am truly appreciative of friends who embrace and love Kay for who she is, allowing me to include her in gatherings like girls’ nights or parties when I don’t have a sitter. Their acceptance makes these moments even more special.

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