Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024: Today marked a significant milestone for our family – Kay’s first day of preschool! As we approached the school, I could sense her mixed emotions. While excitement bubbled within her, there was a hint of apprehension as well.


Upon reaching the cafeteria, where her teacher and new friends awaited, Kay’s enthusiasm slightly wavered. The moment of truth arrived when I had to let go of her tiny hand and watch her step into this new world on her own. After bidding my emotional farewell, I left her in the capable hands of her teacher.


The clock seemed to tick slowly for the next two and a half hours. My mom and I anxiously awaited 10:30 am, the moment we would reunite with Kay. To our surprise, the school principal approached us while we waited. He shared a heartwarming moment of meeting Kay that morning. Her infectious smile and the toy she proudly showcased left an impression on him. He reassured us of the school’s commitment to her well-being and urged us to reach out if needed.


Our conversation with the principal was finished just before the opening of the school doors, revealing a familiar face – Kay’s teacher, leading her towards us. The sight of her running with open arms, embracing me with the tightest hug, washed away any lingering doubts. Her teacher’s subsequent praises about Kay’s enthusiasm, especially her fondness for baby dolls and the joy she found in the playground, filled my heart with pride.


As I reflect upon this day, filled with a mix of emotions, I’m filled with hope and excitement. With such a promising start, I’m optimistic about Kay’s journey ahead in preschool. Here’s to many more adventures and milestones!

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