Kay’s love for school remains unwavering, evident in her newfound independence as she confidently strides into the entrance without even a backward glance when I drop her off.


Receiving spontaneous pictures from her teacher is always a highlight for me. These snapshots capture Kay in various scenarios, whether it’s on the playground or in the classroom wearing different costumes. A recent photo depicted Kay at the playground’s steering wheel, and her teacher amusingly shared that after a pretend drive, Kay decided to explore the taste of the playground bars. Responding with a knowing “Yup, sounds like Kay!” I acknowledge that she’s currently in the phase of exploring the taste of inanimate objects. This has prompted extra caution to ensure things don’t end up on the floor, and vigilant monitoring while we’re out and about. A quick check in the rearview mirror during our journeys often reveals Kay licking the bottom of her shoes – a peculiar yet immune system-building habit, I suppose!


Kay benefits from weekly speech therapy at school, a valuable resource that has shown positive results. Recently, we were sent home with small picture cards featuring words related to the objects Kay and her speech therapist are currently tackling. During practice, I marveled at Kay’s quick recognition of some words, displaying her eagerness to learn even before I had the chance to assist.


Kay’s school journey has proven to be an incredible opportunity for her growth. Witnessing her progress, I’m genuinely excited about the lessons and experiences that will shape her in the years to come. With a strong support system both at home and at school, the possibilities for Kay’s educational journey seem boundless.

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