Taking advantage of Kay’s day off from school for President’s Day, we decided to embrace the beautiful weather and head to the park for some fun. As we arrived, it became apparent that we weren’t the only ones capitalizing on the day off and favorable conditions to enjoy the park.


Kay’s enthusiasm for the park is evident as she eagerly makes a beeline for the playground, torn between her love for the slide and the swings.


During playtime, Kay made a new friend – a little boy who took her hand, encouraging her with a cheerful “come on baby” and assisting her in mustering the courage to conquer one of the larger slides. Positioned at the top, uncertain about the descent, Kay received unwavering support from the sweet little boy below, repeating, “come on baby, you can do it.”


Although this newfound friend and Kay were likely close in age, his endearing reference to her as “baby” is understandable, given Kay’s petite stature.


Surprisingly, Kay decided to challenge herself by climbing one of the more challenging structures on the playground. Despite my initial nervousness, I allowed her to attempt the task independently. Making it halfway up, Kay eventually called out for help, expressing that she was stuck. Being a bit smaller and not fully having her balance, concerns arise about her attempting tasks that her typical peers might find easier. However, once again, Kay demonstrated her determination and courage. She may take a bit more time, but with her drive, she will achieve whatever she sets her mind to.

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