Kay recently had the pleasure of meeting her second cousin, Kenny! We seized the opportunity for a brief visit with my cousin, who managed to squeeze in a short trip to Las Vegas. It had been a few years since I last saw him, and he hadn’t yet met Kay, so I’m thrilled that he could spare some time to join us for a while.


During our get-together, we indulged in a delightful spread of crackers, cheese, chips, and dips. Conversations flowed effortlessly as we discussed our current endeavors and exciting plans for the future.


We also had the pleasure of meeting Kenny’s girlfriend, Ann, whom Kay instantly connected with. Recognizing a fellow momma, Kay was genuinely intrigued to learn more about Ann. Of course, Kay couldn’t resist being her playful self, offering enthusiastic greetings and feigning shyness, even though that’s not typically her style!


We’re eagerly looking forward to more visits with Kenny and Ann down the road. The joy of spending time with family, even if briefly, is truly special. Witnessing Kay bond with relatives she hasn’t met before always brings a smile to my face.

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