Exciting news on the horizon – Kay and I have a new set of wheels! The car I purchased brand new in 2016 was starting to feel a bit snug for both Kay and me, prompting the decision to explore our options.


While our initial plan was just to browse through cars, as many can attest, these things often take unexpected turns! Kay, being the trooper she is, handled the process surprisingly well. With a bag of chips in hand, she navigated the showroom and patiently waited, content with her snack and the company of her beloved papa.


Our new ride has exceeded my expectations, providing a sense of security and reliability for our travels. The highlight of the car-buying experience was the ringing of the gong in celebration of our purchase. However, Kay’s reaction to the loud noise was not what I anticipated – it turned out to be more amusing for me than for her!


As we embark on new adventures together, I am eager to see where our new wheels take us!

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