In December, Kay completed her final month of therapies with Nevada Early Intervention Services. As she turns three on December 30th, she’ll transition out of this remarkable program that has been a cornerstone since her birth.


We’ve been fortunate to have some of these therapists by our side since Kay’s newborn days. Their kindness and expertise have been invaluable as we navigated how best to support Kay’s development at home. Their guidance equipped us with tools that empowered Kay to thrive, from mastering milestones like sitting up and crawling to walking independently and beginning to vocalize her thoughts. Witnessing these moments has been heartwarming.


With the ending of this chapter comes a new beginning: preschool awaits!


Kay, my mom, and I had the opportunity to visit her new school and meet her teacher. While the thought of leaving her in a new environment does bring about some nerves, Kay’s immediate comfort with her soon-to-be teacher during our visit was reassuring.


As we turn this page, I can’t wait to share the next part of our journey: Kay embarking on her preschool adventure. Stay tuned for updates as we embrace this exciting new chapter!

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