We celebrated Kay’s third birthday a bit early on Saturday, December 16th. Her birthday celebration was filled with friends, laughter, and a special surprise guest – Elsa! Since Kay was about a year old, Kay has adored the movie Frozen, making it the perfect theme for her birthday party this year.


The joy on Kay’s face when she saw Elsa walk into the house was priceless. Without hesitation, Kay rushed up to Elsa, giving her the biggest hug! I discovered Elsa through a friend who informed me of an incredible non-profit called Cause Players Alliance. The organization dresses up as superheroes and princesses, attending events throughout the valley.


Elsa was incredibly kind, taking pictures with all the kids and standing next to Kay as we sang her Happy Birthday!


Although Kay’s actual birthday is on December 30th, given the proximity to Christmas and the day before New Year’s Eve, I thought it best to celebrate a little early.


What a fantastic day we had with those who love Kay! I can’t wait to delve into all the cool gifts she received and witness her excitement as she explores them!

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