On Saturday, December 2nd, Kay, and I joined my boyfriend, Spencer, and his son, Ethan, to witness a delightful Christmas parade! Kay had a blast, reveling in the diverse characters and lively dancing. The organizers even added a touch of magic with fake snow, although Kay seemed a bit uncertain about it.

Kay’s affection for Ethan is heartwarming. Whenever she spots him, she enthusiastically calls out “Ethan!” In public spaces, if he temporarily disappears from her view, she never fails to exclaim, “Ethan!” The bond between these two is truly astonishing and never fails to warm my heart. Ethan is incredibly caring and protective of Kay, always ensuring her safety and happiness.

Viewing the parade through Kay’s eyes provided a fresh perspective. Throughout the entire event, she joyfully shouted “hi” as new floats passed by, and characters danced and bid them a cheerful “bye bye” as they moved on.

As Kay continues to grow, her eagerness to venture out and explore new things is becoming more apparent.

Following the parade, we strolled around our outdoor mall and treated ourselves to some delicious food. Kay savored chicken taquitos and eventually dozed off during our drive home.

While some days may be less eventful, every day is consistently filled with an abundance of love and enjoyment!

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