2023’s New Year’s Eve unfolded as a tranquil and intimate affair. Our agenda was simple: enjoy the comforts of our home, indulge in delicious snacks, and immerse ourselves in a movie marathon.


Initially, I pondered with the idea of allowing Kay to stay up until midnight. However, as the evening progressed, fatigue began to show, prompting her go to sleep around her customary 7:00 PM bedtime. Yet, as the night unfolded, the resonating bursts of fireworks echoed through the air, casting a shadow of concern over Kay’s restful slumber. True to my apprehensions, around 9:00 PM, Kay awoke. Rather than coax her back to sleep amidst the sound of fireworks in the distance, I welcomed her into our New Year’s celebration.


Our cozy movie night resumed. By 11:00 PM, my mother and I exchanged glances, wondering whether we’d have the energy to greet the new year. Deciding to head to our rooms, I opted to invite Kay to share my bed, offering a sanctuary from the external celebrations—neighbors rejoicing, fireworks resonating.


Nestled together, the sound of fireworks served as a backdrop to our whispered exchanges. With each explosive burst, Kay gleefully echoed the sound with an enthusiastic “boom.” As the clock struck midnight, my mother ventured into the room, extending heartfelt New Year’s wishes before we attempted to drift off to sleep. Having Kay next to me in bed felt like a heartwarming change from our typical routine, filled with loving cuddles.

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