December. Can you believe it’s already December? This year has truly flown by! Kay has resumed her weekly therapies! We took a little break previously, and now Kay is back at it, engaging in Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy every week.

You should see the enthusiasm with which Kay walks into the building where her therapy is held! She practically runs down the hall because of her excitement. We’ve known most of Kay’s therapists since she was about 6 months old! Originally, I had planned to start Kay on at least physical therapy when she was an infant, but after the first session and seeing her so upset, I decided to wait. However, at 6 months, she wasn’t any happier. (lol) Like all things, it just took Kay getting used to a new routine and getting to know her therapists on a more personal level. Now, almost 3 years in, she’s so excited, and I rarely need to go back with her. She waves and says “bye,” happily walking to the back with her therapist while I sit in the waiting room.

These therapies have been imperative for Kay. I made a promise that I would do anything I could for Kay, even if it meant making things just a little bit easier for her. I’m so glad Kay has amazing therapists who support her in and out of her weekly sessions! I can talk to all of them openly and on a personal level, which is so important to me.

What makes me laugh the most is that Kay is so comfortable around them that she now shows her spunky attitude and tells them “no” if she isn’t interested in doing the task they ask of her. I tell them to take it as a compliment because that means Kay is comfortable around them!

Although taking her to these weekly sessions keeps our schedule very busy, I’m really excited she has started back up again!

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