Kay and I had a wonderful time at a family engagement event organized by her school, this time featuring “Breakfast and Books.” These events are such a testament to the care and commitment that Kay’s school has not only for their students but also for their families.


The breakfast spread was impressive, complete with a waffle bar adorned with all sorts of toppings and syrups. After filling our plates, Kay and I joined other families on the grass outisde, spreading out on the grass to enjoy our meal together.


Kay, true to her nature, was more interested in the playground than her breakfast, preferring to mingle with her peers from the Pre-K classes. While she frolicked on the playground, occasionally checking in on me to ensure I hadn’t wandered off, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow mom within the Down Syndrome community whom I hadn’t yet had the chance to encounter. Her daughter, just turning three, will soon be joining Kay’s school. Connecting with another family navigating similar experiences is always a special moment for me. I cherish the opportunity to reach out to new families, particularly those with younger children who may not yet be aware of the robust community and resources available in Las Vegas.


From the moment I learned of Kay’s Down Syndrome diagnosis, I sought connection through every social media group I could find. I wanted to link up with fellow parents—whether seasoned veterans or those just beginning their journey, like me. Offering the same support to another family brings me immense joy and fulfillment.

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