This weekend overflowed with activities! From sports, to playtime, classes with friends, and a delightful dinner gathering with loved ones.


Our family and friends feast featured two varieties of mouthwatering smoked ribs expertly crafted by my dad, complemented by an array of delicious sides prepared by my mom. It was heartening to share these moments, especially with my boyfriend joining us.


Seated around the table, relishing our scrumptious meal, we exchanged stories and caught up on everyone’s latest endeavors. Kay chimed in, suggesting tunes to accompany the evening’s ambiance.


After indulging in lemon cake for dessert and engaging in more conversations, it was time for Kay to retire for the night.


With Kay tucked in, we rounded off the evening with a few rounds of dominoes, always a source of entertainment. Perhaps next time, I’ll keep Kay up longer so she can be my partner—it might even improve my chances of winning!


Amidst the festivities, I completely forgot to capture any snapshots. Instead, please enjoy Kay’s adorable school picture, a recent treasure I received. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

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