Kay and I had the pleasure of joining our first-ever LMNOP class at GiGi’s Playhouse since its opening, alongside our friends!


LMNOP, short for Language Music N’ Our Peeps, is a dynamic program designed to facilitate parent-child learning through basic sign language and other communication methods, all set to the backdrop of music and engaging activities.


Kay’s passion for music made this class an instant hit for her! Witnessing the children interact, sing, dance, and enhance their sign language skills was a joyous experience for us all. With this class being offered weekly, it’s safe to say that Kay and I will become regular attendees!


GiGi’s Playhouse holds a special place in my heart, offering invaluable resources to our community. The arrival of our very own Playhouse in Las Vegas has been eagerly awaited by our tight-knit community of loving families, and I’m thrilled to see it finally come to fruition. Everything is falling into place just as it should.

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