This weekend marked a significant milestone for Kay as she participated in her very first t-ball game! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and I’m immensely grateful for organizations like Miracle League that offer Kay the chance to engage in enjoyable activities alongside her peers.


The sheer delight on Kay’s face upon arriving at the ball field filled me with immense happiness, reaffirming my belief in providing her with as many opportunities as possible. However, as the game commenced, it became evident that Kay’s spirits were dampened, likely due to hunger. When it was her turn at bat, Kay hesitated, refusing to stand or swing. Determined to keep the excitement alive, I carried her around the bases, hoping she’d soon join in the fun. Fortunately, a snack break revived her spirits, and Kay’s second turn at bat was a burst of enthusiasm. With a little assistance, she hit the ball, and we dashed towards first base, her laughter echoing with joy.


It was a memorable experience, filled with laughter and excitement. I eagerly anticipate the adventures this season holds for us!

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