Hello, my name is Kershanda, but you can call me Kersh. I moved to Oregon from Idaho in 2021, after graduating with my Master’s in Social Work. I have spent my time working in mental health court, child welfare, residential facilities, hypnotherapy and working with teens aging out of the foster care system. With my passion to inspire others, I am also a Life Coach helping others through self-healing. My passion has also led me here to DSP Connections, where I am gifted to work with resilient families and passionate DSP’s.

Fun facts: I am obsessed with anything Tim Burton; Beetle Juice is my favorite movie. I only wear crazy socks. My favorite smell is cut green grass on a summer morning. My favorite color is mustard yellow. I have about five plants in each room of my house, and they all have names. I love spending time with my friends, family and my two sons. My favorite place to spend my time is at the ocean, it’s my happy place. Most importantly, sharing and experiencing inspiration.