Rachael Chapman


Hi, my name is Rachael! I am a care coordinator here at DSP Connections. I help match our awesome families with awesome DSP’s! Before working here at DSP Connections, I spent 10 years as a DSP and caregiver in all different work environments. I am thrilled to share the knowledge I gained in my prior career here with our care team! I am very passionate about helping others, especially those with special needs. I deeply value each relationship I have built along the way, and new ones I get to make each day. I am so honored that I get to be a part of this DSPC family! In my spare time I enjoy spending time out in nature, hiking, camping, picnicking on the beach, horseback riding, pretty much anything outdoors! My husband and I love going on road trips and stopping at different landmarks for pictures (he doesn’t love the picture taking part as much as myself ha-ha) I also love a good Netflix binge with my family, 2 silly doggy’s, sleepy cat, and lots of snacks!