Kayla McNeeley


Hey y’all! My name is Kayla and I bring with me a BS in Social Science from Oregon State University. My studies focused on Leadership and Community Development with an emphasis on communication and developing an understanding of how to help vulnerable populations. In partnership to my degree, I have 3 years of volunteer experience with DHS and 1 year of experience working with foster children who have developmental disabilities.

I was midway through college and still did not know what I wanted to do with my degree or career. It wasn’t until I got the opportunity to volunteer with the Department of Human Services, that I realized what my passion was; helping others, especially those who are most vulnerable in our society, is what I am meant to do. Being a Care Coordinator at DSP Connections has been a blast and I couldn’t be more grateful to work with likeminded individuals whose goal it is it to enhance the lives of others. Along with my DSPC family, I also have a dog named Franklin, the cutest mutt you’ll ever see, and a spooky black cat called Indigo. Here at DSP Connections, we live for our families that we serve and understand the importance of our roles in their lives. There is nothing I would rather be doing!